Writing Assignment:
First, post a short list of conflicts present in the story. Next, write a short text exploring one conflict that you believe is key to the story in more detail. Write a thoughtful and well-supported description of the conflict in which you characterize the opposing elements (personalities, ideas, realities, cultures, etc.) of the conflict, explain how they interact, and the results the conflict produces. Include at least three quotes from the text to support your ideas. Be sure to include page numbers for each quote.

The main conflict in the story "A Horse and two Goats" is that the farmer and the American tourist don't speak with each other. The Farmer does not really understand what the tourist wants to say to him and the tourist can not tell the farmer that he wants to buy the horse and not the two goats. The American tourist can also not explain his point of view.
We can interpret this scene as a metaphor, because people in the world don't speak with each other and therefore they do not understand what others think or want. One big problem in the world.