List the main characters. For each character write a short, informative text describing his/her role in the story, qualities (personality traits), values, and relationships to other characters. Provide examples which illustrate the points you make by citing events or quoting text from the story. Be sure to include page numbers for each quote:

Fatima, Miriams Mother:

Fatima, Miriam’s Mother, is the connection between her daughter and the parents-in-law.
She is a very moderate and tolerant woman and understands her daughter very well. She gives Miriam a lot of freedom, to live both a Western and a Pakistani lifestyle. By accepting these two worlds, she have a very good relationship with her daughter.
Miriam’s Mother is very good in analysing others: when Farook’s Parents
have left the house, she already knows how they will react.
Fatima has the same interests as Farook’s Parents and that shows that they also have a good relationship. When Fatima hears about the cancelled marriage and she is angry, but she still wants to support her daughter.

Begum and Ayuf, Farook’s Parents:

Begum's role in the story is to manage the engagement between Farook and Miriam, but it’s also her part to cancel the marriage.
Begum is a traditional, obedient, warm and friendly woman, but not very self- confident.
Ayub, her husband, is also traditional, as well as very objective and autocratic.
They both, especially Begum, have a good relationship with Miriam’s Mother, until they decide to cancel the marriage. They have two sons: Farook and a younger son.

Miriam, the protargonist:

Miriam is the protagonist in the story "A pair of Jeans" and she is engaged to Farook, who she likes.
Miriam is self confident, well educated, intelligent and friendly. She lives a modern lifestyle, but she respects her mother and often switches back into her traditional Pakistani lifestyle.
Miriam has a good relationship with her mother and she is actually happy with her fiancée and her parents-in-law, until they decide to break-off the engagement because they have seen Miriam wearing Western clothes.