In the story are just two characters. On the one hand there an american tourist, on the other there is an old indian man.

The tourist is from New York. He is interested in indian art and culture and had "travelled five thousand miles" through the "wonderful country" India. He is a enthusiastic type. So the fist word of him after seeing the statue is "Marvellous". This also is his very first word he speaks in the whole story and it also characterizes him. He is an open but not very clever person: He explains the old man which doesnt understand anything, "what brought him to this country, how much he liked it" and also "what he did at home" before coming to India.

The old man is probably born in the village before witch the story takes place. He only speaks the native language Tamil. It is "his only means of communication" (p. 110). The old mans education is bad. Indeed he knows much about Hinduism, but he dont know the name "New York". He is more conservative and against western progress. So he says that the cinema had spoiled the people and therefore there would be "bad charecters everywhere these days" (p.110). Compared to the american, he is a very poor man. The two goats are everything he owns.

written by Johannes