Writing Assignment:
List biographical information about the author which you believe is relevant for understanding the story (use bullets). Then write a short text which explains how the points you have listed are relevant to the story.

Hanif Kureishi

  • 1954 born in a London suburb

  • was discriminated against in school

  • product of interracial marriage

  • wrote pornographic stories

Hanif Kureishi was born in 1954 in Bromley, a London suburb. Because of his parents, a white English mother and a Pakistani father, he felt the problems of an interracial marriage; in school he had a lot of problems and was beaten up by his classmates.
Before his career as a playwright began, he wrote pornographic stories under a pseudonym in order to earn money. This fact shows that Kureishi had no problems writing about things, which are a taboo in the home country of his father.

(Paul S. in collaboration with Anika)