Ngugi wa Thiong´o

Ngugi wa Thiong´o was born in 1938, baptized as James Ngugi. He had four brothers and sisters. They lived in Kenya in a terretory which was gouvered under British rule. Ngugi´s family became invovlved in the Mau Mau war in 1952, one from his stepbrothers died in the fightings between the British and the Natives.
As child Ngugi also attented a mission school and became a Christian and later he recieved a B.A. in English from Makere University College in Uganda, that shwos us how much he´s part of his own story.
"A Meeting in the Dark" was published at the time when Ngugi worked as lecturer at universities in Nairobi, Kampala and the US. In 1976 Ngugi changed his name from James Ngugi, which he saw as a symbol of colonialism, to Ngugi wa Thiong´o. He also decieded to write only in his native tongue because of the same reason.
In 1992 he became professor fpr comperative literature and performance at New York University.



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by David W.