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Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Narayanswami was born into a Brahamins family (Brahamins are the highest caste in Hindu society) in Madras, in 1906. At home he had spoken only Tamil and was first confronted with English when he attended a missionary school at the age of five. After trying out several apprencipeships and jobs, he started writing; finally a British novelist recognized Narayan’s talent and helped him to get his work published.
Narayan has been called one of the bests Indian’s authors; his stories are often humorous, including less action rather conflicts and crises.

The author became, above all, by his huge number of novels, in the fictive provincial town of "Malgudi" in the south of India played famous. His first work „Swami and Friends“from 1935 helped him to his fulminating international breakthrough. One compares his humorous writing style often to that of William Faulkner.